Robert G. Norton, M.S. Audiologist

Robert G. Norton, M.S.  Audiologist

As an Audiologist, I test, fit, modify
and repair hearing aids to best suit
your hearing loss. I am friendly,
patient, and experienced.

I've been described as a leader and pioneer in the hearing aid business by other Audiologists in Rhode Island.

Unlike many Audiologists, my focus is strictly on hearing aids and how to help you hear your best. I stay abreast of technology changes and focus on what's best for you, not necessarily what's new.

Call me at:

(401) 725-5798

Robert G. Norton, M.S.

PS. You might have questions or concerns...feel free to call my office and ask to speak to me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


Wow...Thank you so much for repairing my mother's hearing aid. She had been told that her hearing aid could not be repaired and she needed a new one for almost two thousand dollars. Mr. Norton repaired her hearing aid in his office and it was ready the next day. He replaced the speaker and my mother is hearing again. Mr. Norton saved my mother hundreds of dollars. Great guy.

— Joan B.

He is the finest specialist. He has been the best Audiologist I've delt with. He really knows his stuff. I bought hearing aids elswhere but Mr. Norton tuned them to perfection...I hear better than ever.

— JZ

Hear what you've been missing

Our Services:

• Comprehensive Hearing Tests at no charge
• 30 to 50% off Hearing Aids suggested retail prices
• Expert hearing aid repairs are my specialty
• Custom hearing aid programming
• Home visits
• Wax removal
• Second opinions

Contact us for a free hearing evaluation.

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